Becoming a Digital Native Teacher

This course is designed for all teachers who have no or some experience in using iPads in school. You will learn about concepts, ideas and various apps for digital teaching. The course is primarily hands-on, designed to get you excited about digital education, and to strengthen and build your skills and confidence in this area.

Here are some questions we will address during the course:

  • How does an iPad “think”?
  • How can you make the pre-installed apps useful and best use them in the classroom? 
  • Beyond that, what free apps will give you even more teaching and learning opportunities? 
  • How do you find your way through the jungle of countless apps? 
  • What possibilities does an iPad and the use of all these apps open up for you as a teacher, at school and in the classroom?
  • How can you promote learning motivation and creativity while keeping an eye on data protection?




If you wanna join as a group (min. 2 participants) and the above mentioned timetable is not working for you, please feel free to suggest a more convenient one so we can set up an additional course! 

The course fee for this 7-day course is 490€.

The number of participants is limited to 2-6.

Course location: Rua da Guiné 22, 1170-173 Lisbon, Portugal

A detailed program is available on demand!