Film Education for the 6-12 Years Old

Using smartphones and iPads as a first step towards making films in primary school

In this course for primary and secondary school teachers and educators we will learn all the necessary skills and tools for telling stories with images and sounds by using smartphones and iPads. As we will see, for all of this not much is needed: no prior knowledge or particular technical skills are necessary!

Along the way we will get into the different approaches, concepts and teaching methods within the EU, compare them and put them into practice. In the center of most of these concepts of media education lies observation, sensitivity and the process of creation. Hence the focus of this kind of media education shifts from an analytical and receptive film pedagogy towards a pedagogy of the process of creation. The pedagogical support of this process can be understood as a “school of seeing and hearing”.

Now you might ask yourself: What exactly am I going to learn? Among other things you will

  • learn how to get the most out of your smartphone and iPad by using simple tools for making movies;
  • learn how to use Adobe Spark and Stop Motion Studio;
  • learn what it was like when the pictures learned to walk. You will build your own thaumatrope, zoetrope, flip-book and more;
  • learn what the language of film is all about and how to talk about films;
  • learn how to build narrative skills in your students and how to tell flexible personal stories;
  • learn how to create a simple animated film, animation film and photo film;
  • learn to work with audio, sounds and the human voice;
  • learn how to integrate the >camera as a pen< pedagogy into the curriculum.


Coming soon!

If you wanna join as a group (min. 2 participants) and the above mentioned timetable is not working for you, please feel free to suggest a more convenient one so we can set up an additional course! 

Course languages are English, German and French.

A2 language level is required at least.

The course fee is 520€, the number of participants is limited to 2-8

Course location: Rua da Guiné 22, 1170-173 Lisbon, Portugal

A detailed program is available on demand!