The Third Ear – Working with Audio in the Classroom

The world we are living in the 21st century and how we perceive it is primarily a visual one. But most people are not aware of how important and significant the sense of hearing is for our daily lives. It is a basic requirement for orientation and social interaction. Hearing competence has therefore more and more been included in the school curriculum. But even more: Sensory competence can be understood as a prerequisite for media competence!

This course is about bringing audio and the power of hearing back to the classroom. We will learn how to expand our ears and learn again how to actively listen and hear.

We will get into audio storytelling, learn how to set up a podcast, learn the basics in theory and practice of creating a radio play (often referred to as “film for the ears“). We will also create our own sounds and get into apps and tools for recording, editing and mixing audio.

At the same time the city of Lisbon will function as a backdrop for our hearing exercises: What are the sounds that surround us? How can we describe sounds and how are they organized in space? “Sound walks“ will help us to understand that the soundscape of the world is permanently changing and that noise pollution has become a world problem.


On demand!

If you wanna join as a group (min. 2 participants) and the above mentioned timetable is not working for you, please feel free to suggest a more convenient one so we can set up an additional course! 

The course fee for the 7-day course is 490€, for the 5-day course it is 350€.

The number of participants is limited to 2-6.

Course location: Rua da Guiné 22, 1170-173 Lisbon, Portugal

A detailed program is available on demand!