Week 20 – Final Notes

So here we are! 20 weeks are over, 20 chapters have hopefully given you a lot of inspiration when it comes to being creative, to finding new ideas for your next film project. By working through the more than 120 exercises and seeing as much as possible of the about 250 films you should now be able to implement your own mental toolbox and to adapt the best strategies to your own needs.

As a last exercise I would recommend that from now on every day you write down at least one idea (3-4 sentences) in your little notebook. Every two months go through all of them. Try to find connections, see whether setups can be improved or changed. Often revisiting ideas you once had will lead you to new and better ideas. Furthermore keep in mind that “the original idea is the foundation. It’s that one sentence beginning. Then you have to figure out how you are going to tell that idea. That’s the story. It’s the building that goes on top of the foundation.” (Bob Mayer)

So keep up the good work and always remember:

“Imagination is a muscle you have to train every day.”

Jean-Claude Carrière