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European Exchange is connecting teachers and individuals working in the education sector by providing seminars and training courses under Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility since 2016. We also provide seminars, workshops and training courses especially for NGOs – in Lisbon, Portugal and wherever else we are needed.

Most of o​ur courses take place in Lisbon, Portugal – since 2020 we are also active in Vannes, France.


Becoming a Digital Native Teacher

This new course is for all teachers who have no or only some experience in using iPads in school. In this course you will learn about concepts, ideas and various apps for digital teaching. The course is primarily hands-on, designed to get you excited about digital education, and to strengthen and build your skills and…

Rethinking the Future of Film Education

Organized by the Film Corner as part of the 13th edition of the Piccolo Grande Cinema festival the aim of this online seminar was to start a discussion on recent developments in the delivery of film education and how the pandemic has forced us to rethink and redeliver the 3C’s – the critical, the creative…

New Course >Film Education for the 6-12 Years Old< in 2021

We are happy to announce a new course for the upcoming year: Film Education for the 6-12 Years Old – First steps to filmmaking in primary school with smartphones and iPads. In this course for primary school teachers and educators we will learn all the necessary skills and tools for telling stories with images and sounds by using…

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