Welcome to European Exchange

Willkommen zu European Exchange

European Exchange is connecting teachers and individuals working in the education sector by providing seminars and training courses under Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility since 2016. We also provide seminars, workshops and training courses especially for NGOs – in Lisbon, Portugal and wherever else we are needed.

Since 2020 we are also active in Vannes, France.

European Exchange verbindet Lehrkräfte und Einzelpersonen, die im Bildungsbereich arbeiten. Seit 2016 bieten wir Seminare und Schulungen im Rahmen von Erasmus+ KA1 Lernmobilität an. Unsere Seminare, Workshops und Trainingskurse speziell für NGOs finden in Lissabon, Portugal statt und wo auch immer wir gebraucht werden.

Seit 2020 sind wir auch in Vannes, Frankreich, aktiv.


Still free places for our next courses

There are still some places available for our next three courses – before we will have a break during the summer vacation period: Teaching Cinema in the Classroom and Beyond: 12-16.07.2023 (5-day course!) Digital Storytelling: 17-23.07.2023 (7-day course) Digital Storytelling: 24-28.07.2023 (5-day course) You can register here.

You can still join one of our courses in June and July 2023

There are still some places available in our courses in the first half of the year: Digital Storytelling 12.06-18.06.2023 Course in German language! 03.07-07.07.2023 17.07-23.07.2023 Course in German language! 24.07-28.07.2023 Teaching Cinema in the Classroom and Beyond 19.06-25.06.2023 03.07-09.07.2023 24.07-06.08.2023 MoJo – Mobile Journalism  24.07-30.07.2023

We have a new course: MoJo

We are proud to announce our new course: >MoJo – Mobile Journalism<. Mobile Journalism (MoJo) is digital storytelling where the main device used for covering news and creating content is a smartphone. The advantage of the smartphone is that it is – in combination with a variety of apps – cheaper smaller, lighter and easier to…

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