Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling (DS) is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories. This is done with the help of a variety of multimedia, including photos, graphics, comics, audio (sound, speech, music), video, and Web publishing tools. These short, personal multimedia stories can be created everywhere, on any subject, and shared electronically all over the world.

There are numerous ways that DS can be used. Whether an instructor creates a Digital Story (as a way to present new material) or students do it by themselves: Whenever DS is used at school, it provides a strong foundation in many different types of literacy which can be labeled as “21st Century Literacy.” Furthermore it can help to foster critical and interpretive thinking and enhance students’ learning experience and motivation.

Outside the world of institutionalised education DS can be used as a tool for self-representation and for social inclusion, it can raise awareness, change mindsets and give a voice to those who normally have none. Digital Stories can be tools in calling to action, they even more can be used as advocacy tools to help shape public policy.

The objective of this course is to introduce educators, social workers and representatives of NGOs to DS techniques and how to use them effectively. We will get familiar with the latest WEB 2.0 & 3.0 tools and expand our knowledge in video- and audio-production. We will cover the key elements of DS as well as provide hands-on opportunities for the participants to create their own Digital Stories.

Besides a lot of practical examples (learning by doing) the participants will create their own multimedia learning journal throughout the course.

About your course instructor

He looks back on more than 30 years of work in the field of audiovisual media. Already during his studies of literature, musicology and sociology (Karlsruhe, Germany), he became a freelancer for the present-day Kinemathek. During this period of more than 10 years, he was also part of the film festival CINEVIDEO. At the same time, he worked as a local journalist, radio presenter, musician, composer and filmmaker. He attended the Kaskeline Film School in Berlin in 2000 and then worked for six years as a prop master on numerous TV and film productions. This was followed by film education projects in cooperation with schools, social institutions, youth centres and independent organisations in southern Germany. In 2015, he moved to Lisbon, Portugal. Since then, he has been leading teacher training courses within the framework of Erasmus+ KA1. Since 2020, he lives half of the year in Brittany (France).
He speaks German, English, French and Portuguese and lived in Berlin, Auckland, Montreal and Shanghai. Since 2020 he is based in Lisbon (Portugal) and Sarzeau (France).



12.06-18.06.2023 7-day course Confirmed! Course language German!

03.07-07.07.2023 5-day course

17.07-23.07.2023 7-day course Confirmed! Course language German!

24.07-28.07.2023 5-day course

18.09-24.09.2023 7-day course Course language German!

25.09-29.09.2023 5-day course

02.10-08.10.2023 7-day course

23.10-27.10.2023 5-day course Confirmed!

30.10-05.11.2023 7-day course Course language German!

06.11-12.11.2023 7-day course Confirmed!

13.11-17.11.2023 5-day course Confirmed! Course language German!

04.12-08.12.2023 5-day course Ponta Delgada, Azores


12.02-18.02.2024 7-day course Confirmed!

15.04-19.04.2024 5-day course

22.04-26.04.2024 5-day course! Confirmed!

29.04-05.05.2024 7-day course

06.05-10.05.2024 5-day course

27.05-31.05.2024 5-day course

03.06-07.06.2024 5-day course

10.06-16.06.2024 7-day course

24.06-28.06.2024 5-day course

01.07-05.07.2024 5-day course

15.07-21.07.2024 7-day course

16.09-22.09.2024 7-day course

23.09-27.09.2024 5-day course

30.09-06.10.2024 7-day course

21.10-25.10.2024 5-day course

28.10-01.11.2024 5-day course

04.11-10.11.2024 7-day course

11.11-15.11.2024 5-day course

If you wanna join as a group (min. 2 participants) and the above mentioned timetable is not working for you, please feel free to suggest a more convenient one so we can set up an additional course! 

Course languages are English, German and French.

A2 language level is required at least.

The course fee for the 7-day course is 520€, for the 5-day course it is 380€.

The number of participants is limited to 2-8

Course location: Rua da Guiné 22, 1170-173 Lisbon, Portugal

A detailed program is available on demand!

We can also come to your institution. Within the Erasmus+ program you can invite us as an expert.