We have a new course: MoJo

We are proud to announce our new course: >MoJo – Mobile Journalism<.

Mobile Journalism (MoJo) is digital storytelling where the main device used for covering news and creating content is a smartphone.

The advantage of the smartphone is that it is – in combination with a variety of apps – cheaper smaller, lighter and easier to use than traditional broadcast journalism equipment and software. Photos, videos, documentaries, audio, podcasts, graphics and live coverage can be created and edited on the run and uploaded online, e.g. to social platforms, direct from the device.

The objective of this one week course is to introduce journalists, NGO staff, educators and teachers to the world of mobile journalism. Whether you, as a journalist until now mostly have been working in print media and now wanna switch; as a staff member of an NGO, want to document your projects and your work or want to help others tell their own stories or the ones of their community; as an educator and teacher who will soon be leading journalism projects at your school: For all of you this course will help you develop confidence in your abilities and to accomplish any task imaginable.

The COURSE DATES for 2023 are:



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